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This is a commercial for Medellín, Colombia. The top one is the current version of this commercial, and below it is a version from the 1980’s. The one I am looking for is the one from the 1990’s because my wife is in it! Anyway, here are these two versions…

I celebrated my birthday at National Mechanics a couple of weeks ago, and my friend Kate made me a MEATCAKE!!! The exclamation marks are necessary, because it should be screamed, not said.

The MEATCAKE!!! consisted of 2 meatloaf-ish areas filled with 3 whole cheddardogs cooked within, and bits of cheddardog interspliced. These 2 areas were joined with a mashed potato and bacon filling. Next, mashed potatoes were applied like a frosting, and bacon & cheddar bits sprinkled the top. The best part was that it tasted heavenly!

Thanks again Kate!!! The MEATCAKE!!!…

Meatcake from Kate: Birthday 2009

An awesome recipe to try from BBQ Addicts…

Thanks to Lance Eschliman for sending!

I went to Sazon for the first time last night, but I have a feeling I may be a regular there soon. The food is super delicious and priced right, I love the fact that it a BYOB, and the service was great.

Here is the part that really WOWed me more than just being a great place to eat… My wife and I brought a bottle of wine with us. During the meal, I got up to use the restroom. When I came back to the table, I accidentally grabbed a corner of the table cloth while sliding into the booth, which sent the wine flying everywhere! It spilled all ove me, all over the table, and all over the delicious steak & yucca I was eating! Immediately the owner came over to our table and started cleaning. He was more than pleasant about it… he moved us to a nearby table while he cleaned up my mess. Then, he brings me out another full dinner!!! I was like, what??? I said, “I can’t believe this! I just messed up your restaurant, and you are giving me another steak?” He said “I want you to enjoy your meal!” with a smile! I couldn’t believe it…

Big ups to Sazon!!! You took a situation that could have potentially ruined my night, made everything alright, then went above and beyond all expectations. I am definitely a fan, and will be back soon!

Go there!

941 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 763-2500

This amazing creation, ladies and gentlemen, is a Turbaconducken, which is a Turducken Wrapped in Bacon.

God Bless Corey James, the boy genius who invented this wonderous excercise in excess… and God Bless the folks over at for providing a forum for sharing such creations. I definitely tip my hat to both.

Also, thanks to Don Shump for turning me on to and the incredible marvel that is  Turbaconducken.


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This article is awesome!!! Also, this guy has the coolest domain name since!

Here’s Meat in your Mouf!!!

Creepiest Kids In The Hall skit ever!

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WTF is this?

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later…

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